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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Book Has Arrived!

DANCING WITH HERONS: Bearing Witness to Local Natural History has arrived! I am very pleased with the book and somewhat relieved to have them safely in hand. It has been a long process that began as journal writings throughout the 1980s and into the 1990s. During the 2000 decade I began revising some of the stories into essays. Other entries were polished to stand alone as encounters that were memorable to me in some way or another. From 2005 they were loosely collected in an attempt to mold them into a book and refine the themes.

Finally during the summer of 2010 to present, I worked diligently at revising and editing the final manuscript then readying it to be published/printed. The labor of love that took place in the last year was a result of much teamwork with my friend, editor, layout designer, & webmaster-- Pat.

So here it is. Independently published by HeronWatch Publishing (me). If you enjoy memoir, nature writing, spirituality, and poetry, I invite you to read the book.

A short excerpt:
SERENDIPITOUS MOMENTS are always etched in my memory. It was my last day before returning to work—the classroom. On a late August morning, fog was rising from all the pond surfaces. I was nagged by a feeling that something special would occur.

  Standing at the base of the hill that I use as my entrance to these ponds, I turned and was met with an ethereal sight. Walking cautiously along the pond levee was a female white-tailed deer. She was bathed in the fog and backlit in the amber sun. She had emerged from the woodland nearby.

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