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Friday, July 1, 2011

Fowler's Toad, Eastern Cottontail, & House Wren

Today was another day of fun encounters with wildlife. The weather has turned warmer and definitely humid. Thankfully it stayed cloudy though which helped to keep the temperatures down. While strolling around the house during late morning, I discovered a Fowler's Toad hiding in the leaves and grasses. It cooperated while I took several photographs. They are uniquely spotted and their eyes are like jewels when viewed closely. Fowler's Toads are common amphibians of our patios and porches at night when the lights have been left on. The lights attract the insects which then attract the toads.

                                           Fowler's Toad  ©Joni L. James

In this close-up, you can easily see the beauty in the eye and the nasal area.

                                           Fowler's Toad Close-up  ©Joni L. James

An Eastern cottontail rabbit has been busy feeding in the mowed section of the yard. It usually pops out of the field into the mowed area and enjoys the white clover and plantain.I believe they were nesting in a clump of day lilies in my east yard.

                                          Eastern Cottontail Rabbit  ©Joni L. James

All day a recently fledged house wren has been singing its heart out on the back side of my home. It has been perching on the railing of my small deck singing and fluttering its wings-- often typical of begging behavior. No parents seem to be present. I will keep watching to see what transpires the next few days.

                                          Fledged House Wren  ©Joni L. James

Notice in the photo above the tail feathers-- just a few are developed. Also, take notice of the primary feathers-- they also are not fully grown.

                                          Recently fledged House Wren  ©Joni L. James

Anyone else have experiences with toads, rabbits, or house wrens?

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