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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Light I Seek

The Light I Seek

The Light I seek.
     Is that not the journey?
The Light. 
Light that seeks to erase the dark?
 Light that splits open the night?

                                                         It bursts upon my landscape. 
                                                                It is the primal dawn.
                                                  Sweet Light flows within and without
It  illuminates.
   It spreads its rays in an atmospheric dance
To reveal that which I can not see.
It is the Revealer.

I awaken.
Wash over me
Illumine me
Until I am the dawn breaking.

--Joni James 

"Let nothing come between you and the light."
-- Henry David Thoreau


suep said...

oh that is absolutely beautiful ! both your words and the images

Deb Crecelius said...

These photos and words ... oh, my ... excellent.

Marcie said...

Pure poetry - both words and image. Stunning!

Joni James said...

Thank you! It was a magical morning! I appreciate your kind words.