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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thankful On This Day

This day dawned cloudy, misty and 41 degrees cool. The field is damp and the ponds and lake are empty of pooled water. No bald eagles are present at this moment. As I reflect today on what I am thankful for . . .  many blessings come to mind. Of course my family, friends, home, work, and health are always at the top.

But I am especially grateful for the small "things" at work in our lives which we are often unaware of. This presence usually goes unnoticed. But if we look closely . . . we can deepen our awareness.

Beauty exists in the details. I am grateful always for Nature. Grateful for the beauty of this earth. For the bounty, the connectedness, the unity, and the processes that are always present.

We are all connected. We are all related. It is this Greater Mystery that underlies it All. It has been described as " . . . the ceaseless, restless, creative flow of energy in the universe" by Jack Kegan.

Gratitude fills me. May it fill you too.
What are you grateful for beyond family, friends, and home?

©Joni L. James

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