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Monday, February 6, 2012

Red-wing Blackbird Return!

Male Red-wing Blackbird singing     ©Joni L. James

Although a late post, January 30, was the date I heard my first Red-wing Blackbird at my home. This is a bird that I mark the winding down of winter. Their song fills the ponds where I live usually in mid- February, but the mild winter has them heralding it early. They are a benchmark wetland bird for me! Welcome back! And welcome back to me!


Marie said...

Hey Joni! Our first blackbirds usually show up in mid-February. We got our first ones this year on the 23rd of last month. Wonderful photo, btw! Hope you're well.

Jackie C said...

I hear you! I love the sound of their beautiful trilling call. It fills me with happiness when I first hear it in late winter early spring. I live on the water, as well, so it says home to me. Keep up your great work!

Joni James said...

This was a very date here this year. Of course everything was early . . . and still is!
Thanks for the compliment and for reading. I must get back to the blog. Love your artwork!

Joni James said...

Yes, Red-wings are one of my favs and their beautiful songs remind me of home also. Songs of the wetlands!
Thanks for being a follower!
Enjoy the beauty!