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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

First Bloom

The first bloom of my "wild" Day Lilies occurred yesterday in my field. This flower allows me to have a garden in which I expend no money or effort to maintain. It grows randomly along my rock wall, in a bed in a yard, and along the border of my backyard & field.

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According to my wildflower guide, Hemerocallis fulva, is a native of Eurasia and was introduced into our gardens. It has escaped from cultivation. I suppose this plant would be labeled an invasive. It reproduces vegetatively from the roots and each flower lasts one day. Its habitat consists of roadsides, meadows, borders, and fields.

None of my others have bloomed yet. This lone early bird is the first. The "petals" are lovely and the reproductive parts mesmerizing. These flowers keep me company most of the summer as they color the greenery of my landscape. I look forward to the blooming of many more.

More to come about invasives!

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