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Friday, June 24, 2011

An Old Poem: "Journey From the Earth"

A poem I wrote November 23, 1984.


I am born of the Earth.
I entered with a Bang.
A sprinkling of stardust
And from the water I arose.
With wings I took flight
To intercourse with the sky.
I returned to the land to become a proud walker.

My walks brought me many thoughts and contemplations
Filled with questions, awe, and wonder.
A knowledge is brought to me from brothers and sisters who walk with four legs and wing through the sky.
A common ground is shared with unspoken knowledge of who we are.
Is it because of my origins and my travels
That I stand in awe-- inspired as I gaze at the heavens?
That I am drawn by the rhythm, sound, and life of the water?
That I experience a feeling of intimacy with the eldest creatures?
All because of beginnings and distant travels?
I may never know.

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