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Friday, July 6, 2012

Moths: My New Challenge

My new challenge is to begin to learn to identify moths. At the end of June, my niece and I did a little mothing. I hung a white sheet outside and set a black light in front of it from 10:30 pm-12:00 am. It was interesting to see what was attracted to the light. I intend to do more mothing so stay tuned.

One of the more interesting moths that would hold still long enough for a photo was a female Chickweed Geometer (pictured below). Hopefully my identification will be correct!

Chickweed Geometer Moth (female)             ©Joni L. James


Deb Crecelius said...

I'm forwarding this link to a couple of homeschooling families.

Joni James said...

Great! Here are a couple of links you/they may find useful: http://seabrookeleckie.com/2009/02/13/a-mothers-materials/ (she explains how to "moth" and an online field guide to moths:

You might let them know that where I work-- we offer numerous environmental education programs & workshops for youth & adults. Always looking to serve homeschooling groups. (Email me if you want specifics).