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Friday, July 6, 2012

Sand Garden for Deb

For a follower who desired images of my sand garden . . . you will be disappointed. It is exactly that-- sand bordered by river rocks with a few statues and interesting stones. It all looks sad with the lack of rain and the brutal heat.
BUT--I don't have to plant and replant. I do have to weed at times.


Deb Crecelius said...

Not disappointed.
Those rounded, flat stones look great;
I've always liked that kind of rock.
This looks simple to maintain and
simple maintenance is why my garden has been shrinking
over the past 5 years or so.
Makes sense to me.
With this heat wave and drought we are experiencing,
do you have a flattish bowl of water left in the garden for wild animals?
It would look appropriate.
Seems as if they have to be suffering with the lack of water.

Joni James said...

The round river rocks are really nice. I really like them---I want a natural look-- informal, etc. Rocks polished by water are beautiful. These "gardens" are really easy to maintain--just weed occasionally--amazing how determined plants are to gain a foothold.
You can always set planters of flowers in the sand gardens. I get birds--especially Chipping Sparrows to come to them to get the grains of sand. Birds need grit to help digest food. I have a Adirondack chair I sit in that is placed in one-- take your shoes off and stick your feet in the cool sand!
I do have a bird bath at the back of my house--it sits low to the ground but your comment--I need to place one in the sand for the skinks, chipmunks, etc. that share my sand garden space!