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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

"Yuk!" said the Phoebe!

While sitting on my patio a couple of weeks ago, I observed an Eastern Phoebe fledgling hanging around the wall of my sand garden. I began photographing it as it came in close to eat the flying insects.

In a series of photos, I caught the young bird after it had eaten a bee. Whether it needed to expell the bee in order to eat more or that the bee had caused a problem . . . I don't know. After inspecting the remains, the bee was recognizable but not by much.

 "Yuk!" said the Phoebe!

Eastern Phoebe Fledgling  ©Joni L. James

Phoebe Coughing Up Bee  ©Joni L. James


Deb Crecelius said...

This is so interesting to see...
amazing shot to see the bee expelled!
Love to hear a phoebe...it's one of the only bird sounds I recognize :)

You have a sand garden?
Photos, please?

Joni James said...

Yes, I have a sand garden at two sections in front of the house where pitiful shrubs were several years ago. I also have one at the back where a grassy area was between a walk and the cement wall--difficult to mow. So in the name of laziness, I filled those areas with sand so there would be no maintenance. All I have to do is weed them when persistent plants come up. I will post photos soon. Thanks for reading.