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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Plenty of Activity!

There has certainly been plenty of activity in the last couple of months! None from me on my blog, but plenty from the flora & fauna around here.
Tree Swallows havebuilt nests, laid eggs, and are now raising nestlings in my plastic gourds. The Carolina Chickadees have nestlings in a box next to my house. 

I participate in the citizen science project from Cornell Lab of Ornithology called NestWatch. I place boxes and plastic gourds in my yard for cavity nesters and then monitor them. The data I collect is submitted online to the NestWatch website http://www.nestwatch.org/. I encourage you to visit the website, read about it, and then sign up.

I awaken every morning to dawn song by Yellow Warblers, Common Yellowthroats, Baltimore Orioles, American Robins, Northern Cardinals, Song Sparrows, White-eyed Vireos, and Yellow-breasted Chats. The Chat sings during the night to accompany the many frogs and toads calling from the ponds.

I am busy teaching a nature photography class during the month of May and am enjoying it. It is a good group of people.

I hope you are enjoying this beautiful spring we are having-- that began in March!

Tree Swallow taking pine needles to build nest 
©Joni L. James

Carolina Chickadee guarding nest box  ©Joni L. James

Yellow-breasted Chat   ©Joni L. James