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Bearing Witness to Local Natural History-- from the wildness of Indiana

Monday, October 20, 2014

It Was Diaphanous

© Joni L. James Photography

It Was Diaphanous

In its stillness Rock resides.
I yearn to be Rock.

Its fire cooled form is a history of crystallization
Mine is a history of change—forming and shape-shifting.

Rock allows the cool creek currents to caress and embrace its hardness.
Each moment passes and I try to surrender.

Reflections surround Rock expressing what is or what isn’t
Yet that which is reflected stands as a sentinel over its presence.

My reflections are built of light and shadow and brushed with iridescence
Yet a Great Mystery guides me as I reflect Its omnipresence.

It was diaphanous but I felt it
Rock and I are One.