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Bearing Witness to Local Natural History-- from the wildness of Indiana

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Snowiest Winter

It has been the snowiest winter here in my part of Indiana. The snow is beautiful but it has been accompanied by brutal cold this winter. They called it the Polar Vortex-- I call it challenging. We have had over 50 inches so far! I must say I am looking forward to spring. Today was the warmest day in a long time-- 50 some degrees! It felt wonderful! 
To commemorate this winter, I will share some of the scenes I captured-- this too shall pass and cycle continues!

"To us snow and cold seem a mere delaying of the spring. How far we are from understanding the value of these things in the economy of Nature!"  -- Henry David Thoreau (Journal -March 8, 1859: Vol.XII)