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Sunday, September 7, 2014

What's Hiding in the Garden?

“We must look for a long time before we can see”.
Henry David Thoreau

What is hiding in your native area? Thoreau says we must look a long time before we can see. It is easy to walk through and around your native plants but how closely do you look?

There are times I do not saunter enough with my legs or my eyes.  When I take the time to really see, I usually discover dramas I could easily miss.

Photographing is a task that requires my close observation. When I am looking for interesting subjects or dramas to photograph, I use my binoculars which allows me to view from one vantage spot and discover hidden subjects.

One day as I was sauntering through a native prairie, I spotted this sycamore seed (through my binoculars) dangling from the underside of a Black-eyed Susan. The seed had ridden the wind quite a distance since the nearest sycamore tree was far away.

(NOTE: This is my September 2014 blog post for Beautiful Wildlife Garden. You can read the rest of this post at this link: Beautiful Wildlife Garden.). 

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